Vaunt Wants to Give Athletes a New Place to Tell Their Story

Roger Mason Jr. hopes his new platform will be a place for fans to get an unfiltered look into the lives of athletes.

The first show on Vaunt is titled 84/7 and lets users take a look inside Antonio Brown’s life. (Photo via VAUNT’s Facebook)

Vaunt (verb): to boast about or praise.

When you want it and how you want it — that’s what the founders of Vaunt wanted to create for consumers. Hearing straight from the source allows consumers to get the story right the first time, and personalities are able to do just that with the help of Vaunt.

The company, who just recently had their launch party in New York City, celebrated the launch of their first celebrity channel “84/7,” featuring Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

With the channels, Vaunt’s aim is to provide a platform for celebrity personalities like Antonio Brown to allow their fans to truly understand their story.

“Other people usually tell your story… My fans can tune in to see everything on 84/7,” explains Brown.

Vaunt provides an opportunity for athletes and other celebrity personalities to be genuine with their fans. The genuine feel that Vaunt encourages allows for relatability and an opportunity for celebrities to redefine their brand into exactly what they want it to be — no media personnel involved.

Co-founder Roger Mason Jr. knows a thing or two about what it is like to have the media tell your story for you.

A 10-year NBA veteran, Mason Jr. experienced the lifestyle of an athlete and noticed a need for a platform for celebrity personalities to portray their own story rather than allowing the media tell it for them.

Photo via VAUNT Twitter

The live video series allows athletes to be themselves, as it goes completely unscripted.

It provides a raw, emotional experience for viewers that they cannot get anywhere else. Whether it is live training sessions, hanging out with friends and family or returning home to give back, subscribers will see what inspires personalities like AB to do what they do.

It can be difficult to understand the pressures of the lifestyle that personalities live, so Vaunt allows consumers to be able to broaden their perspective by gaining insight into the lifestyle.

Vaunt is unique because it allows inside access to high-profile celebrities. Some of the features included in a subscription are exclusive inside access by the personality filmed by a producer, ability to chat with the personality, unscripted special moments with the personality, and personality merchandise.

Not only do fans have access to their favorite personalities, but they will have an opportunity to see how the personalities think. Once they begin to understand their favorite role models, they are able to contribute to collaborative conversations to inspire the personalities on ideas to next projects and what categories they can become influencers in.

Vaunt is subscribable through Google Play and is both Apple and Android friendly. Your subscription can be either monthly or yearly. Additionally, there is a free trial period offered. Stay tuned to hear the real story from upcoming personalities first hand, and be ready to be a part of redefining the media world as we know it.

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