U.K. Government Monitoring Proposed Champions League Changes

    • UEFA’s wants to give at least two teams a Champions League spot based on a five-year coefficient.
    • Frustration regarding the potential changes is building among clubs and fans.

UEFA’s desire to reshape the Champions League tournament is facing scrutiny by the U.K. government as frustration regarding the potential changes builds among clubs and fans. 

European soccer’s governing body has submitted proposals to grant additional competition places depending on a team’s previous success. The potential change has been met with criticism, as it benefits larger clubs with deep pockets. 

The backlash has mirrored opinions regarding the abandoned Super League project, which six clubs from the English Premier League attempted to join, leading to a collective fine of $31.1 million. 

UEFA’s proposed plans would allow at least two teams to gain a spot in the Champions League tournament based on a five-year UEFA Club coefficient — instead of the current format, which is solely based on the previous season’s performance. 

The change could come as early as the 2024-25 season.

Fans aren’t the only people uttering disdain for the potential changes: Premier League clubs Newcastle United FC and Leicester City FC have been vocal in their opposition to the new format.