UEFA Accused of Super League-Like Reforms

    • UEFA is proposing adding two wild card teams to its Champions League tournament.
    • The changes have provoked criticism from teams and fans.

After working to stop the European Super League, UEFA is now being accused of proposing a “backdoor attempt” at the same idea.

Premier League clubs and prominent fan group Premier League Network have pushed back against a proposal to change which teams qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

  • The key point of contention is over UEFA’s proposal to add two wild-card teams in 2024, which would be based on the teams’ historical success rather than their performance in the most recent season.
  • Wild cards would be awarded based on a calculation called the 10-year club coefficient.
  • The top teams based on the coefficient include many of Europe’s most prestigious clubs, some of which joined the initial European Super League, such as Real Madrid (1st), Barcelona (3rd), Chelsea (4th), Atlético (5th), and Juventus (6th).
  • UEFA is expected to settle on a new format at its executive meeting on May 10.

The European Super League proposed a major departure from the typical European system of basing promotion, relegation, and tournament qualification entirely on performance.

Super Revival

Meanwhile, UEFA is seeking to hold off a new attempt at a Super League spearheaded by Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus.

The three clubs filed a suit against UEFA and FIFA in October claiming that they violate European competition law by profiting from the competitions they regulate.

The Italian Football Federation has threatened Serie A clubs with expulsion if they join a breakaway league.