The Faces Behind FOS: Ryan Weir

As the summer winds down, we decided to showcase the many faces behind FOS, what they do outside of the site and what their career aspirations are! Today you get to meet Ryan Weir, our Editor!

What is your current role/year in school outside of FOS?

I am a practicing lawyer in Washington, DC and Virginia. My practice currently focuses on business litigation, employment law and corporate law. I also do some transactional legal work.

What is your current role for FOS and how long have you been doing that?

I have been serving as an editor to FOS since June 2015.

What drew you to FOS in the beginning and why do you think it is important for students and young professionals to know that this resource is out there?

I was attracted to FOS because of its resources available to students (and practitioners) about working in various aspects of the sports industry. I also graduated from the University of Miami, where several members of FOS also attend/attended.

Favorite professional sports team? Favorite venue that you have been too?

Can I say Miami Hurricanes football? I watch every Hurricanes football game from start to finish. If not, then probably the Washington Wizards. I am a DC sports fan so I root for the DC sports teams. My favorite venue is probably Nationals Park. It is easy to get to, has strong food options, large scoreboard and is a well-designed stadium. The MLB All-Star Game should be there sooner than 2018!

Career aspirations and goals?

To apply my legal skills to sports business/law somehow.

Words of wisdom?

There is no substitute for hard work!

By this time next year I see myself…..

Expanding my legal career to new areas.