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AI Marketplace Connects Brands to Sports

Everton FC/Design: Alex Brooks

Digital assets company Horizm has launched an AI-powered platform to help brands find sports sponsorships.

Athletes and rights-holders are already offering more than $1 billion in digital inventory on Marketplace, which aims to cut down the time and number of interactions it takes for deals to be made.

Horizm considers itself “the future of digital revenue in sport.” It’s secured deals with multiple Premier League teams including Everton, Arsenal, and Chelsea, and began partnering with Cricket West Indies last month.

Earlier this year, Horizm conducted a study of digital inventory in sports based on the first quarter of 2021:

  • The Premier League’s $432 million in digital inventory is worth nearly as much as the second- and third-ranked leagues combined: La Liga ($256.8 million) and the NBA ($172.3 million).
  • Manchester United is the team with the most valuable digital inventory — an estimated $128.6 million.
  • The NHL is the most efficient league when it comes to generating value from digital assets on a per-capita basis.

Horzim says the world’s leading sports leagues could generate more than $1.3 billion combined this year across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which is considered the most valuable platform.