The 21st Century Agency and Why There is a Spot for You

By: Victor Cruz, @_CruzVictor

So you wanted to be a sports agent but realized what a huge undertaking that is. Competing with more experienced agents, needing start-up capital to compete with larger companies, diving into a field with hundreds and hundreds of competitors, etc., etc. So what now?!

If working on the side of the business that advocates for the athlete is still what you want to do, have no fear there is still an opportunity!

The days of the lone ranger agent who does everything individually for his/her clients is a thing of the past. Todays agencies are made up just like any other company, with departments, specialized positions and therefore a place where you too can find a place. Do you enjoy statistical analysis? There is a position for you at a sports agency. Want to help market athletes? There is a place for you at a sports agency. Want to use your interpersonal abilities to work with athletes and their needs on a day to day basis? There is a place for you at a sports agency. Ok, you get my point. These agencies do have agents who handle negotiations but they also have tons of support staff. There is a staff producing the statistical work the agents use as foundation for their conversations with teams. There is an administrative staff fielding client calls and seeing to the client everyday needs. There is even a staff working on the client’s off-the-field image by managing marketing opportunities and interview request.

For the most part agencies are now much like the teams. That is good news for those of you in the sports industry who can’t or don’t necessarily have the capital, experience or desire to be an agent. It means you can still find yourselves working on the athlete advocate side of the business.

How do you land one of these positions you ask? As with every other position within the sports industry, network, network, network. My advice is to build relationships with as many people currently at your target agency (as you can tell, probably a good idea to research agencies you might have interest in working with) and if you handle that relationship correctly (strongly suggest you read my article Networking: Professional Dating), it can manifest itself into a lead for an opening!