Thursday November 30, 2023

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Rodriguez’s new Fox deal is believed to be “the most lucrative deal yet for an MLB analyst."

A-Rod Reportedly Inks Fox Sports Extension, Will Depart ESPN

Rodriguez will reportedly leave ESPN for his exclusive deal with Fox.
July 28, 2023
The New York Yankees' Aaron Judge bats during MLB spring training with the pitch clock in the background.

How Rule Changes Could Save Major League Baseball’s TV Future

Biggest changes in 54 years should produce faster, more thrilling TV watch.
March 30, 2023

ESPN Wants Derek Jeter For TV

Derek Jeter was mum about his future plans after stepping down as Miami Marlins CEO.…
February 28, 2022

A-Rod Calls More Mic’d Up Players a ‘Game-Changer’

ESPN analyst Alex Rodriguez has pinpointed a ”game-changer” for the Grand Old Game: putting microphones…
April 1, 2021