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NFL Could Fetch Up To $50M for Halftime Show Sponsor

As the NFL’s contract with Pepsi expires, the league is reportedly looking to land a new sponsor.

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Turkish Football Club Broadcast Revenue Ravaged by Piracy

Piracy might cause yet another major financial shortfall for Turkish soccer clubs.

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NBC To Make Big Push For Big Ten Media Rights

“If I’m ESPN or Fox, I’m looking over my shoulder because NBC is going to go hard after the Big Ten,” a source told FOS.

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Temple Takes Your Sports Career to the Next Level

When athletes hit a performance plateau, they don’t give up—they change their game. Whether it’s a new training regimen, new techniques, or a new style of playing, the pathway to […]

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Highlights Creator WSC Sports Lands $100M Funding Round

Investors appear to be validating the worth of at least one company aimed at providing solutions to the changing sports viewership landscape.

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Microsoft Will Let Activision Continue Making ‘Call of Duty’ for PlayStation

Last Wednesday, Microsoft announced it would allow Activision to continue making ‘Call of Duty’ for other platforms.

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Super Bowl Reportedly Generated $170M in In-Game Brand Exposure

Companies reportedly received an estimate of $170 million worth of “in-game exposure” during this year’s Super Bowl.

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Some High School Stars Projected to Make Millions Off NIL

Many high school athletes can now profit before they ever step foot on a college campus — and some are projected to make millions of dollars.

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Labor Case Asserts College Athletes Should Be Employees

A victory would give athletes the right to unionize, experts said. Then, collective bargaining for wages and other labor protections could begin.

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SDSU Latest School Hit With Ongoing Title IX Fight

Seventeen women’s sports athletes filed a Title IX lawsuit against San Diego State University, alleging the school unequally distributed financial aid between men’s and women’s players.

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