Why Stadium Uses AI-Powered Video Highlights to Reach Fans

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In 2017, Stadium answered a wish that sports fans had been asking for by offering games from top college conferences like the ACC, Mountain West, Conference USA, and the Big 12 streaming right on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Meanwhile, WSC Sports uses artificial intelligence to generate highlight videos, ultimately saving brands and media companies hours of time.

Around the time of Stadium’s launch, the two companies began working together to create highlights of ACC football and basketball games. Last week, however, the partnership expanded to include highlights of games from the Mountain West, Conference USA, and the Big 12.

In days past, production professionals would have to manually sort through tape of a game to find specific plays or instances that would be of interest to fans. WSC Sports’ machine learning technology, however, can find and cut specific plays or instances and package them into individual videos. Now that it has a tool which will save teams hours of time that would otherwise be used to do the compiling, Stadium is understandably happy with the expansion of the partnership.

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“WSC has provided Stadium a seamless system to deliver high-quality highlights to our audience in record time,” Stadium Managing Director Andrew Schnell said. “We’ve been incredibly happy with the relationship and are thrilled to deliver highlights, created via WSC, in our programming that goes directly to our fans.”

In the past, WSC Sports has worked with high-level clients like the PGA, the NBA, and Turner Sports. While taking on a project that demands creating highlights for several high-level conferences and about 1,200 athletic events during the year is a significant undertaking, WSC Sports’ leadership is confident in its products and services.

“Stadium is a great example of an innovative partner that serves multiple fan bases all over the country with a strong affiliation to specific teams,” said WSC Sports Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Shichman. “Stadium is trying to provide relevant content for every fan of the ACC, Mountain West, Big 12, and Conference USA and do it in the fastest and most customized way to make sure fans get every story that happens in every college football and basketball game.”

With this partnership, Stadium knows that it will be able to accomplish exactly that and distribute those highlights easily.

“As Stadium continues to reach new ways for fans to consume the highlights they crave, the WSC platform allows us to efficiently create highlights immediately after the action is over,” Schnell stated. “We’ve seen tremendous success from WSC and are thrilled for the future.”

Stadium is distributed in 85 television markets across the United States, as well as on its social channels around the clock. In a time where 65 percent of younger sports fans prefer to consume sports content on their phone over any other platform, the two brands seem to have a clear path to reaching this demographic.

Based on where this partnership is headed and how much easier the job or producing high-quality highlights just became, expect Stadium to become an even bigger player in the space very quickly.