SportsCastr Looks to Give Everyone a Voice When It Comes to Sports

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First conceived in 2016, SportsCastr is a novel way for fans to try their hand — or voices, rather — at calling pro sports games.

The company offers a platform that boasts the fastest live-video streaming technology to help Average Joe’s look like the professionals as they act as sportscasters during live events. Somewhat similar to Twitch, Periscope, and other similar platforms, the SportsCastr app enables users to generate and stream their own content right from their phone.

Setting it apart is that the entire ecosystem is designed to function almost as a “sports studio” space, offering “studio quality graphics, real-time scoreboards, virtual reality integrations, and most importantly, fast delivery,” which is crucial to the successful broadcast of any live sporting event.

 “SportsCastr enables fans to get authentic, real-time reactions and commentary from all sports fans to enhance the social experience,” SportsCastr CFO and Head of Strategy Andrew Schupak said.

As we all know, when it comes to sports, everything is more fun when we’re doing it together. That’s actually one of the primary reasons SportsCastr was created. The website says, “sports are more fun when they’re social. Connect with other viewers who are tuned in and live chat with the broadcaster. Regardless of where you are, you no longer have to be in the same room to enjoy the game with fans just like you.”

SportsCastr is designed to capitalize on the shifting media consumption habits of today’s generation, as well as the persistent desire to be able to have a voice in today’s media entertainment landscape.

“This new platform brings the action, the hot takes and the story to the consumer. In an ever-changing app and 24-hour-news-cycle world, it seems like a no-brainer to have an app like this,” said Brandon Robinson, a respected broadcaster who hosts Scoop B Radio and has been seen on CNN, MSNBC, ESPN and CBS.

Notable athletes such as former NBA player Steve Smith recognized the potential immediately as well — and he and the likes of NBA Commissioner David Stern and Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim, among others, jumped on board as investors and/or advisors.

Mentioning his own son’s habits, Smith pointed out that “younger sports fans love to watch games, but they also love to watch them in their control.” There’s usually a second screen involved as well, as many are either following along on Twitter and Instagram, or doing digital multitasking of some other sort.  

Most recently, SportsCastr got a huge vote of confidence, and quite an effective partner, as the NFL Players Association announced that it has decided to take a minority stake. Through its athlete-driven accelerator OneTeam Collective, NFLPA made this partnership with the intention of having current and former NFL players start providing unique content on SportsCastr as well.

“Athletes constantly explore ways to build their personal brands and creatively connect with their fans, and SportsCastr’s live-stream capabilities align perfectly with these goals. We look forward to working with the team to deliver an exciting new way for fans to engage and watch the sports they love,” NFLPA Senior Manager of Business Development Ricky Medina said.

That’s precisely why Washington Redskins tight end Vernon Davis finds this such an intriguing partnership as well. “Fans are looking for new ways to engage with the game of football and us, the athletes. This live streaming platform is a cool and fun way for fans to add their own voice to games while engaging with players in a different way,” Davis noted.

In addition, SportsCastr is now an official licensee of the NFLPA. Even more noteworthy, the NFLPA also plans to produce current and former NFL-player content to feature on the platform via the association’s content and production incubator, ACE Media.

“SportsCastr’s partnership with the NFLPA through the OneTeam Collective is a powerful opportunity for fans to connect with athletes in a direct and meaningful way,” SportsCastr CEO Kevin April said.

Both he and the NFLPA are excited to be on the forefront of innovation in sports broadcasting and marketing.

This partnership brings fans closer to the game, while giving players a platform to showcase their unique personalities and build their personal brands more effectively. Who knows, it may also serve as a bit of a development tool to help uncover the next Bob Costas or Michael Strahan.