Should The Arizona Cardinals Extend or Trade Kyler Murray?

    • Murray was second in completion percentage and posted several career-bests this season.
    • But his disastrous playoff debut has many questioning his future in Arizona.

On Monday, Kyler Murray set the record straight on last week’s Instagram controversy and a recent report that he’s become a problem in Arizona, posting a photo in a Cardinals’ uniform and adding, “All of this nonsense is not what I’m about.”

Still, it’s fair to question Murray’s future with the Cardinals given his clear frustration after an embarrassing 34-11 opening-round postseason loss to the Rams.

The 2019 No. 1 overall pick is entering the final season of his four-year, $35.7 million rookie contract and is eligible for a massive extension.

But if it seems obvious for the Cardinals to pay him as soon as possible, his regular-season brilliance and postseason failures complicate matters.

  • Murray’s 69.2% completion was second among qualified quarterbacks in 2021.
  • In only 14 games, he notched career highs in passing yards per game (270.5) and passer rating (100.6), and threw a career-low 10 interceptions.
  • However, his playoff debut was disastrous, as he completed just 55.9% of his passes for 137 yards and two interceptions in the loss to L.A.
  • His next contract could be in the neighborhood of Josh Allen’s six-year, $258 million deal with Buffalo.

Murray and Arizona could both be motivated by a change of scenery: The last two Super-Bowl-winning QBs — Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford — won in their first seasons with new teams.

It could be a hot market for quarterbacks this offseason: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Jimmy Garoppolo, and even the retired Brady are rumored to be looking for new teams.