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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Rapid Returns: How Technology is Getting You Back to Your Seat With Unmatched Speed

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By — Front Office Sports
Posted — March 29, 2024

In the dynamic world of sports, a significant shift is shaping the fan experience and building excitement in stadiums worldwide. Innovation has taken the form of tangible improvements, turning the spotlight on how technology, particularly in sports payments and operations, is rewriting the script for fans as they attend the games they love. Oracle’s fast, precise, and elegant tech solutions are leading the conversation as stadiums and venues look to provide a greater spectacle with more entertainment and enjoyment. Welcome to the stadium of the future.


sports fans consider food and beverages vital to game-day


U.S. Fans Indulge in Stadium Beverages


U.S. Fans Indulge in Stadium Cuisine

What Do Fans Want From Their Game-Day Experience?

In an era of technological integration, Oracle understands the value of fans’ time and is introducing innovative solutions that seamlessly blend with game-day atmosphere and fan preference. According to a recent study, 94% of sports enthusiasts consider food and beverage a vital component of their game-day ritual, contributing significantly to both fan satisfaction and revenue generation. To go one step further, unveiling the behaviors of the modern sports aficionado, a staggering 72% of U.S. fans consistently indulge in stadium cuisine, while 76% regularly purchase beverages. And when asked about fan experience, nearly 30% of global fans said they prioritize the ability to stay in their seats as the most-needed improvement for the food and beverage experience, closely followed by faster transaction times. Astonishingly, 59% of fans express their willingness to spend more on food and beverage if their wait time is halved. Furthermore, fans are eager for streamlined ordering options, with 68% expressing interest in using mobile applications, and 63% embracing self-service kiosk ordering. By addressing the nuanced desires for an immersive and hassle-free game-day experience, Oracle is helping to shape the future of sports spectating that extends far beyond the whistle.

Oracle’s Approach to Enhancing the Fan Experience

Payments Experience
At the heart of Oracle’s initiatives lies an emphasis on speed—ensuring that fan payments are processed swiftly, guaranteeing that fans never miss crucial moments during sporting events. Oracle’s streamlined payment process is designed to get fans back to their seat faster, allowing them to savor every thrilling second of the action. Through innovative features such as mobile ordering, Oracle is redefining the fan experience by prioritizing and improving convenience and efficiency of its in-stadium payments.

Oak View Group Case Study
A compelling testament to Oracle’s impact is its partnership with Oak View Group (OVG), where Oracle’s food and beverage management system, Simphony, has transformed the fan experience by elevating the operational and experiential aspects of sporting events. “Oak View Group’s partnership with Oracle is 100% about the fan experience,” says Ken Gaber, president of OVG Hospitality. “From grab-and-go, self-checkout, mobile ordering to just-walk-out, we are hyperfocused on ensuring our guests have shorter lines and quicker access to a wide variety of high-quality delicious food and beverage options to increase the fan’s time spent enjoying the event. We are ensuring our technology mirrors the technology our guests experience in other aspects of their lives.”

Targeting Sports Teams and Venue Technology Leaders
Oracle’s stadium solutions are installed today for sports teams and venue technology leaders, offering compelling reasons why they should adopt these food and beverage solutions, such as speed of service, accuracy, security, and guest satisfaction. The New York Islanders’ UBS Arena stands as a trailblazer, becoming the first venue to embrace Oracle’s technology, a decision underscored by the upcoming 2026 NHL All-Star event. This move serves as a persuasive testament to Oracle’s capability to cater to a diverse array of event types within a venue, resonating with technology leaders, such as CTOs, CIOs, and COOs, who are seeking comprehensive solvents to spectator bottlenecks, missed plays, and slow venue navigation.

Oracle As an All-in-One Solution

Providing Versatility and Ease of Maintenance
Oracle stands out as a singular solution catering to myriad needs. Its adaptability shines through in handling various events, tailoring approaches to suit different fan preferences. This versatility is complemented by an emphasis on simplicity, reducing complications in maintenance and ensuring seamless operational efficiency.

Reliability and Transparency in Payments
In stark contrast to traditional third-party transaction processing models, Oracle’s fixed-rate model offers unparalleled benefits with higher efficiency and fewer points of contact. The ability to process payments even without Wi-Fi, with automatic synchronization online, ensures reliability and continuity in any stadium or arena. This, along with transparency, cost projection benefits, and more accurate forecasts, reinforces Oracle’s appeal as a dependable partner for sports teams and venues seeking efficient technology to enable fans to never miss a moment of play.


of fans want the ability to stay seated to improve food & drink consumption


of fans are willing to spend more if wait time is lowered


of fans express interest in mobile app ordering


of fans express interest in self-service kiosks

Mainstream Appeal and Commercial Influence

Broad Accessibility of Oracle Solutions
While rooted in advanced technology, Oracle’s solutions are designed for broad accessibility. Simplifying technical aspects ensures that the mainstream audience can grasp the transformative nature of Oracle’s offerings, making their impact more relatable and tangible.

In the evolving landscape of modern sports venues, Oracle stands not just as a tech provider but also as an innovator, promising an immersive and interactive future for sports enthusiasts worldwide. Oracle’s strategic initiatives and solutions have helped to redefine the operational landscape of sports, enhancing the fan experience. From expedited payments and comprehensive all-in-one solutions to reliable streamlined processes, Oracle’s in-stadium technologies offer game-changing advancements to venues and their passionate fans.