Premier League Could Ban Gambling Shirt Sponsors

  • The Premier League is considering a voluntary ban on gambling shirt sponsors.
  • The league is hoping to avoid a mandated ban from the U.K.
Premier League
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The U.K. is set to hit the brakes on the online gambling business — with significant implications for Premier League teams.

In an effort to ward off legislation, the Premier League is asking clubs to agree to a voluntary ban on new gambling shirt sponsor deals. 

  • Premier League clubs will vote on phasing out existing gambling shirt sponsors — 14 of the league’s 20 teams are required for the measure to pass.
  • Last season, 10 clubs had gambling company shirt sponsors.
  • Under the Premier League’s proposal, clubs would end any existing shirt deals within three years.

The U.K. government plans to decide on a potential shirt sponsor ban by July 21.

Premier League clubs would likely be able to find equally lucrative deals with other companies. However, the second-tier English Football League, whose title sponsor is Sky Bet, said its clubs would lose $47.8 million per year. 

Risky Time for Gambling

The U.K. is considering sweeping updates to its 17-year-old gambling laws to combat addiction and other gambling-related issues.

Among the reported changes under consideration are a betting limit on online casinos of $2.40 to $6 per wager, bans on games that allow users to lose lots of money very quickly, and a ban on free bets.

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