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Original Copy of Bobby Bonilla Contract Sells for $180K

  • An anonymous buyer purchased the famous pact at a Goldin Co. auction.
  • Bonilla has received 12 of his 25 annual $1.2M payments as part of the deferred payment deal.
RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Bonilla’s famous contract is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, it’s a collectors item.

On Saturday night, an original copy of Bonilla’s long-term pact with the New York Mets sold at a Goldin auction for $180,000 to an anonymous buyer.

The winning bid includes the right to chat with Bonilla and his agent Dennis Gilbert on Zoom calls, a game-used Bonilla bat, a one-of-one NFT, and a day with Bonilla at Citi Field in 2023.

The contract — the copy of which belonged to Gilbert, who brokered the deal — is one of the most unique in baseball history.

  • In 2000, the Mets eschewed paying $5.9 million to the player in favor of paying him 25 installments of $1.2 million on July 1 every year.
  • Bonilla has received 12 of the 25 payments, which will total $29.8 million in 2035 — when he’s 72.

“It is obvious that certain baseball fans had a true appreciation for the historic nature of the contract,” said Goldin founder Ken Goldin.

Collectibles on the Rise

The collectibles market has seen an explosion of interest — and cash — in recent years.

Goldin told Front Office Sports in January that his platform hosted $27 million in transactions in 2019, $100 million in 2020, and $330 million in 2021. He projects $500 million this year.

He chalks it up to a new generation of investors looking for alternative opportunities to make money — and have fun while doing it.