One Tweet and a Leap of Faith

Daily Newsletter

By: Amari Dryden, @Amari_Dryden

In this day and age, social media impacts everyone’s lives. Mine is no different. One tweet can make a difference in a person’s life, good or bad. A little over a year ago, one tweet tremendously impacted my life. I had followed Front Office Sports on Twitter for a month or two when I saw a tweet stating they wanted some interns to join the team for the summer. I was intrigued by the opportunity to get my foot in the sport industry door and in my eyes, this was my way in. After emailing Russ and a phone interview with Adam, I was welcomed to the team.

In my role as the Content Coordinator, I manage the event calendar and update the dates and times of the Twitter sports chats and national sports conferences. Wanting to continue my involvement, I added on the responsibilities of working as an Interview Contributor.

Conducting interviews has taught me how unique people’s journeys in the sport industry are. It has also taught me how to ask the right questions and how to delve deeper into a person’s life to see how the love of being in a role impacts your work. I have had the opportunity of speaking with CEOs of sports marketing companies, assistant commissioners of sports conferences and entrepreneurs. Having the opportunity to build connections and network with people is what I love most about my role with FOS.

Even though I’ve only met one of the people on the FOS team in person, I feel personally connected to them because I see them on Twitter every day. I am inspired by each of them because of their passion and journeys in the sport industry and because they push me to accomplish greatness.

Seeing the progress FOS has made in the past year has been astounding. From an early age, I have wanted to work in the sports industry because of the camaraderie people have. Since then, I have longed to be a part of a team where I truly matter. FOS is the team I’ve longed for and I am proud to represent them everyday.