NFL Media’s ‘Going Global’ — A lesson in Authentic Original Content

Their latest production follows Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola through Mexico City.

Edelman and Amendola might be having too much fun. (Photo via

Being described as the “Ultimate bro-cation,” NFL Media is set to release, NFL Going Global: Edelman & Amendola in Mexico City, setting the stage for the Week 11 International Series matchup featuring the New England Patriots versus the Oakland Raiders.

Featuring Patriots wide receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, the feature will provide the sounds and culture of the capital city, celebrating the passionate NFL fan base found in Mexico.

Following a successful showing of NFL Media’s adventure with Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. during a trip to London and Munich, Michael Mandt, NFL Media Executive Producer, Original Content shared how, “The NFL International team worked with Julian and Danny on the trip to Mexico City not only to promote the game, but to capture great content; their chemistry and humor makes them great ambassadors for the NFL and natural hosts for any future projects.”

While the feature is sure to demonstrate the power of personal branding by bringing Edelman and Amendola in the spotlight outside of the football field, the two were also able to get a first-hand look at the passionate fan base in Mexico City, creating a win-win for the fans, players and the league as a whole.

“The ‘Going Global’ series provides our players with the opportunity to share their love of travel, exploration and genuine appreciation for the passionate international NFL fan, while delivering great content our viewers around the world will enjoy,” said Henry Hodgson, NFL Vice President of International Marketing. “Creating opportunities for our players to meet and interact with our international community is an important element to cultivating the NFL brand on a global scale, and this series serves as a great avenue toward that goal.”

As the local ratings across the league have come under intense scrutiny over the past few years, there is a growing importance to increase the international fan-base.

The NBA has been out in front when it comes to league globalization, but as digital and OTT broadcasts of NFL games increase, it wouldn’t be surprise to only see more and more of these internationally played games in the years to come.

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