MLBPA Pressures Endeavor Agents to Divest from Company

    • The Major League Baseball Players Association is threatening to decertify agents at Endeavor's WME if they don't divest from the company.
    • Endeavor bought 10 minor league baseball teams late last year.

The Major League Baseball Players Association wants Endeavor’s agency to choose a side between players and owners.

The MLBPA warned agents in Endeavor-owned WME Sports that they will be decertified if they don’t divest from the company, according to The Athletic.

Union regulations forbid player representatives from directly or indirectly holding an ownership stake in a major or minor league team. Endeavor purchased 10 minor league teams in December through its recently launched Diamond Baseball Holdings, and appears interested in more.

  • WME’s baseball division is also facing a separate challenge: Excel Management filed a claim with the MLBPA against Endeavor and agents James Murray IV and Michael Stival, claiming that Endeavor induced the agents to violate contracts with Excel.
  • WME lost one of its big names in November when Billy Eppler left to become general manager of the New York Mets.
  • The MLBPA’s action could have high stakes: WME represents Carlos Correa, who is predicted to secure the largest contract in a free-agent class that has already scored one $325 million deal.

Lockout Drags On

Major League Baseball presented a deal framework to the MLBPA on Thursday, which reportedly got a cold reception from the players.

Owners reportedly remain staunchly opposed to allowing players to reach free agency before six years of service time, which was the status quo under the last collective bargaining agreement.