Q&A: Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott

    • Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott discusses NIL rule developments, COVID-19 ripple effects on Fundamentals.
    • NCAA President Mark Emmert spoke to NBC Sports about the NIL changes.

On the heels of the NCAA Board of Governors’ significant step towards allowing college athletes to make money through sponsorships, Pac-12 Conference Commissioner Larry Scott joined Fundamentals to talk about the impacts the new NIL rules could have on college sports as well as the ripple effects of COVID-19 with FOS reporter Emily Caron. Here are some of his select quotes:

On Congressional involvement: “If Congress isn’t able to act, we’ll be in a world where there are different laws in different states, and that will be a mess in recruiting and competitive equity and lead to seismic changes in competitive balance.”

On NIL Equity: “95% will go to male student-athletes in a free market. [There will be a] Much greater feeling of inequality between men and women three years from now in collegiate athletics.”

On COVID-19’s impact: “The concern going into the next fiscal year is the upcoming football season, which by most measures is responsible for 85% of overall revenue in a league like ours. Most people assume it’s more balanced, but football is the engine that is driving the revenue that comes in.”

On getting football off the ground: “At the moment we’re still anticipating football season will start on time, but we’ll also be ready for plan B, C, D and E.”