Lakers, Rockets Discussing $95M Swap for Russell Westbrook and John Wall?

    • The Lakers and Rockets might revisit a trade involving two of the top-five highest-paid players in the NBA.
    • The teams almost pulled it off at the trade deadline, but they can match salaries ($47M) via trade this upcoming summer.

In December 2020, the Rockets traded Russell Westbrook to the Wizards in exchange for John Wall. Now, it appears the two might be swapped for one another again.

Senior NBA Insider Marc Stein reported that the Lakers and Rockets might revisit a trade this summer involving the two aging point guards in the final years of their supermax contracts.

The Lakers are looking for ways to improve the roster after a failed experiment with Westbrook. He’s owed $47.1 million next season — the fourth-highest by annual salary in the NBA.

But the trade wouldn’t shed much salary for either team.

Wall is owed $47.4 million next year — the second-highest by annual salary. The Rockets, however, might be able to construct a buyout since they only have $3 million on the payroll in 2023.

Near February’s trade deadline, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka reportedly had the option of swapping Westbrook along with the team’s 2027 first-round pick for John Wall.

Instead, he waited for the salary figures to match this upcoming season, making an exchange much more feasible this summer.