Kansas Players Participate in NIL-Powered Victory Tour

    • Kansas men's players are cashing in on their national championship with a victory tour.
    • The athletes will get a percentage of ticket revenue and all the money from auction items.

The March Madness stage has already provided major name, image, and likeness opportunities, from cashing in on Cinderella moments to promoting a clothing line during a post-game interview.

Now, Kansas men’s players will be able to make money off their national title. 

Team members will participate in a statewide victory tour put together by 6th Man Strategies, which has represented the entire team’s NIL activities since October 2021.

The “Barnstorming Tour,” announced on Friday, will commence at Wichita East High School on April 23. Players will sign autographs and host a Q&A session, a skills training camp, and a VIP dinner.

Tickets range from $30 to $125 each — depending on whether fans want to break bread with players.

Players will receive 70% of the ticket revenue, with the other 30% going to host facilities, CEO of 6th Man Strategies’ Matt Baty told Front Office Sports. Players will also get 100% of the revenue from auction items. 

“I hope the community turns out for these guys the way they did for us fans this March,” Baty said in a statement. And this time, instead of funneling money to the NCAA, the proceeds will go directly to players.