Investing in Your Future

This is posted as part of our Summer Intern Blog Series. Be sure to come back each week as interns from around the country share their summer experiences with us!

By: Todd Rogers, @Todd_TTU

As the first half of my internship this summer wraps up, one of the most rewarding parts so far has been how much opportunity I have been to grow and learn and that was really present this last week. Currently, one of the bigger objects that I am working on is the idea of bringing club sport organizations here at ACU under the athletics department. While at Texas Tech I split my time working for both the athletics department and the Rec Center as a Sport Club Supervisor so it was really a natural fit for me to come in and work on this project. This has been a real opportunity to spread my wings and assist on a major project like this.

Not only am I assisting however, with my previous knowledge of club sports, I’m even able to have a large input and really feel like I’m contributing a lot to the project. It’s so awesome as an intern to be able to come in and not only be given the opportunity and the freedom to work on a project like this, but also to already have experience in the subject and really be able to have a major contribution!

Another awesome thing Lee, the AD, does here at ACU is to meet with other young members of the athletic department to give them advice and to help mold them for the future. He does this in a meeting we call the, “Aspiring ADs Meeting”. During these meetings we talk about a plethora of different subjects such as new trends in college athletics, any tips and advice that Lee has learned how to handle certain situations that all ADs must face. These meetings also serve as an opportunity to pick the brain of an AD at a DI school, an opportunity not many people my age get. While the information gained in these meeting is invaluable, it has also taught me another extremely valuable lesson, I need to work somewhere where the leader is going to take time to invest in my future. Even if it is just a little guidance and growth here and there, a leader who takes the time to help you grow and be prepared for the next, bigger opportunity that may arise is key.

While titles and working in your specific passion within the sport industry is important, nobody got to the top without guidance from someone else. While there may be bigger schools out there with more prestigious programs where an internship might look better, the leadership and guidance that I am able to receive from everyone here in the athletic department is what sets my experience here apart from anything else I could received.

So to wrap up my post, the main advice I have a received this last week is to not go chasing titles or positions, work somewhere you will fit and have the opportunity to grow and learn. Especially at the entry level, it’s all about getting your foot in the door and learning as much as possible.

As I write this post now I am currently boarding a cruise for the next week so this up comings weeks post will be a mid-internship wrap up where I will recap all the fun projects I get to work on and all the valuable information that I have learned!