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Alcohol Alternatives: Millennials and Gen-Z Move Away from Traditional Consumption

In 2021 the NFL struck its first ever title sponsorship agreement with Diageo. Why does this matter? It was the first time the NFL partnered with a Spirits company. But what picture does Diageo’s investment strategy paint about the future?

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Fitness Technology: The New Wave of Exercise Behaviors

2020 saw a marked change in the fitness industry. Peloton’s stock price soared to unfathomable high’s, gyms were permanently shuttered, and consumers were introduced to the rapidly growing connected fitness industry. But what does it all mean?

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Buy Now Pay Later (“BNPL”): New Mechanisms for Financing

2021 has seen an extreme acceleration in the adoption of buy now pay later payment systems in various commerce related industries. But what industries have yet to hop on the bandwagon? Events and more specifically sports have yet to capitalize on the trend.

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