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ICC 2017: European Giants, American Culture

Teams from the ICC made the most of their stateside visits.

Note: For the purposes of this article, all team accounts featured are the English language outlets for each club. For some, this may not be their primary team account.

With the International Champions Cup returning stateside again in 2017, American soccer (futból) fans were treated to some of the sport’s premier teams from across Europe. As these clubs spent part of their preseason in the U.S., they had a chance to travel our great country and explore some of the great things our local communities and cities have to offer. Check out how European powerhouses immersed themselves in American culture (and shared on social) below.

Real Madrid CF

Real Madrid spent some time in California, taking the chance to visit two of our largest companies in Microsoft and Facebook. The social team likes sharing photos of events, and both visits were covered with fun, behind-the-scenes shots. Attending a program such as the Hour of Code sets a great example to young kids about the importance of learning and technology.

Juventus FC

In the U.S., we’re privileged to have so many popular and diverse sports that capture our love. As the game grows internationally, basketball’s roots remain in America, and of course the players and staff had to give it a go. The social team had a fun opportunity to show off “Juventus Basketball Club” as the organization learns more about another one of the big sports in the States. A little disoriented at times, but we’ll cut them some slack. Still much better than your neighborhood pickup game!

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG had ample opportunity to explore the heartbeat that is Miami. From sight-seeing and tours to sporting events and beach parties, the club was treated to the full experience. For an athlete of his magnitude, it’s cool to see Angel Di Maria outside of his element on the baseball field. What better way to immerse yourself than with America’s pastime! The video that highlights their Miami travels does a great job capturing the excitement behind the city and the players just “kickin it” on the beach. Additional kudos to the social team for the Miami typography and the ambient soundtrack.

Manchester United

Manchester United took in the sights of our nation’s capital, visiting all of the city’s historic monuments on their final tour destination. Even though they are just sharing pictures of the outing, it’s always a great idea to share group photos of teammates, representing the club and brand while essentially being normal tourists. It was also cool to see some of the shenanigans that the players are up to, including the fun little games to pass the time. Seeing them so relaxed and laid back is a great way to show the organization in a different light from the on-field intensity.

FC Barcelona

Barça has made the most of its US Tour this summer, as highlighted by our very own Lucy Hartwell. With stops in some of the country’s biggest cities, they’ve consistently drawn tremendous fan support. The Spanish giants have used this opportunity to grow an already impressive brand. Connecting with fans with a chance to break a world record is a fantastic idea, and they made sure everyone was well aware of the ensemble in Bryant Park, NYC. The organization made efforts to assimilate with American culture, attending a Mets game and soaking up some tourist attractions in NY and Miami. I love the video quiz on Miami trivia, as it is not only interesting for American and international fans alike, but also is a great way to understand the city, culture, and history.

Manchester City

Not to be outdone by their Manchester counterparts, City set out to sunny southern California to take in all that the area has to offer. The Sky Blues are one example of a team that captured footage of their mascot(s) out and about, blending in with the locals (ok, maybe not, but you get the point.) I particularly liked how the Moonies ventured around to some of the iconic spots that can only be found in LA. As for the second video, it’s great to see an overlap here.

Finding two fashionable, international athletes on the street with a soccer ball in sunny Venice Beach is the definition of an intersection of cultures. Funny pranks and skill videos work with any language or background, and it was cool to see the players amongst the public.

Tottenham Hotspur

What trip to Orlando is complete without a stop at Disney World? World-famous, the park hosts millions of visitors each year, sharing its magic and history with the world. Very classy gesture by Spurs to have players spend the whole day with a young fan in the park. Those are some great group photos to share, too!

Tottenham star Harry Kane gave his hand at, no, his foot a go at kicking field goals. The NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the U.S. and the world, and it’s cool to see players try out what we call football. Lastly, players took to the Highline in NYC, as Jan Vertonghen showed his fellow teammates the ways of gardening. The definition of getting down and dirty!

AS Roma

Last but not least, we have AS Roma. The Italian side did not share too much on social of their US Tour, at least in terms of activities off the field. They had some gems, however, including the Roma Tour playlist, which attempted to capture the music scene of the city they were playing in. Listen above as the social team selected 20 songs to highlight the history and culture of Boston through a soundtrack.

While photos, videos, and GIFs get the majority of social media attention (and rightfully so) from teams, music has emerged as an underrated option that fans can enjoy and engage with. I would not be surprised to see more curated playlist mixes for travel, home pregames, and in-stadium experience.

It’s been a successful tournament of friendlies this summer in the United States, as the sport continues to grow on our shores. The cross-exchange of cultures is a beautiful thing for the beautiful game.

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