How QuintEvents is Changing the Game of Premium Fan Experiences

  • QuintEvents operates behind the scenes as a turnkey events solution, providing a customized, multi-step approach to end-to-end event planning and execution.
  • QuintEvents is partnering with brands like the NBA, Formula 1, the Kentucky Derby and more to bring fans beyond the standard event ticket, providing them with a world-class experience from start to finish.
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Over the last decade, we’ve seen a noticeable shift in the psyche of the modern-day sports fan. As consumers continue to value experiences over material items, global leagues, events, and organizations are rushing to fill the demand for one-of-a-kind fan experiences. 

Recently, Formula 1®, the Kentucky Derby, and the NBA have garnered widespread attention for their investments in world-class experiential fan packages, but few know the masterminds behind the operations themselves: QuintEvents. 

Since its inception in 2002, QuintEvents has transformed from a small idea born in founder Brian Learst’s basement to a global events powerhouse with 14 official partnerships with top sports leagues, organizations, and entities around the world. With six offices across major cities and a rapidly growing team of over 200 employees, QuintEvents brings over 80+ global activations to life each year. 

“What started as ‘experiential programming’ has now transformed into a global platform for event services,” said Brian Ruede, Quint’s President and COO. “We started with the idea, developed the technology, and then invested in the brick-and-mortar infrastructure to deliver the most powerful marketing, sales, and event delivery system in the world.” 

And these investments are beginning to pay off. In the past year alone, Quint has seen a 100% increase in program interest and inked global, long-term deals with the NBA and MotoGP, while acquiring two fellow events providers, Sportsnet Holidays and Monaco Star Events. 

But while its scale has shifted tremendously, its mission remains unchanged: Bringing partners and fans beyond the standard event ticket, providing them with a world-class experience from start to finish. 

Leveraging the credibility of its partners, QuintEvents operates behind the scenes as a turnkey events solution, providing a customized, multi-step approach to end-to-end event planning and execution. While Quint handles every step of the process from white-label brand creation to post-event analysis, its true magic lies in the power of its tech-enabled sales and marketing operations. 

With its proprietary technology, Quint captures valuable data at all touch points across the customer journey, using it to better inform its dynamic pricing, sales, and real-time inventory management strategies. Coupled with its hyper-targeted regional sales approach, Quint’s 24-hour sales agent network is able to constantly drive real-time sales for customers across all continents. The business truly never sleeps, and it’s one of Quint’s largest competitive advantages. 

It’s this keen attention to data, and global sales expertise, that has cemented Quint as a long-term partner of Formula 1®. 

Under the white label of F1 Experiences, Quint provides fans with official ticket packages for Formula 1 races across the globe or around the world. Sticking true to its mission, Quint offers a variety of premium hospitality packages along with an additional roster of unforgettable beyond-the-ticket experiences including F1 talent appearances, guided track tours, and podium ceremony access. Its success has been undeniable. 

Since its inception in March 2017, F1 Experiences has grown by over 350%, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With 24 races scheduled for next year, including the highly anticipated F1 Vegas, F1 Experiences is primed and ready for the continuation of the sport’s expansive growth, says Formula 1’s Global Director of Race Promotion, Chloe-Targett Adams. 

“Partnering with QuintEvents to create the F1 Experiences program has been vital in offering fans an experience they will never forget at Formula 1® races,” she said. “F1 Experiences has become a key part of race weekends for our fans around the world, and we’re thrilled to continue to work together to grow our experiences platform while capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the sport.”

Sarah Contardo, Vice President of Sales & Strategy at Churchill Downs, echoed a similar sentiment when discussing Quint’s Kentucky Derby offering, Derby Experiences. Quint’s longest-standing partnership, spanning over a decade, Derby Experiences provides nearly 10,000 fans each year with an unforgettable weekend of partying, grounds tours, jockey meet & greets, and much more. 

“Since our partnership began in 2008, QuintEvents has guided us to expand the types of experiences and access possible for our fans at one of the world’s top bucket list events,” she said.

With the global nature of its business, Quint has also capitalized on the tremendous opportunity in travel. By providing round-trip transportation and a variety of premium hotel accommodations through Quint’s hotel arm, Quint Rooms, Quint’s product lines have become a seamless, one-stop shop for traveling attendees. 

But Quint’s impact stretches far beyond events and travel, serving as an unprecedented case study around the ever-evolving relationship between leagues and event partners.

In July 2022, the NBA announced their acquirement of a minority equity stake in Quint, marking a clear precedent for the investment of best-in-class events for the biggest sports leagues in the world. Experiential fan packages are no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a vital investment in the long-term health of the organization. 

In our current age of abundance, fans’ attention has never been more in demand and harder to obtain. But once acquired, the payoff is massive. By cutting through the noise and providing fans with unforgettable experiences, leagues like the NBA can drastically increase both short-term revenue and fan LTV. It’s widely expected that those who invest now will reap the benefits for years to come, while those who sit on the sidelines will be forced to play catchup. 

“QuintEvents has a proven track record for providing unparalleled experiences at the world’s most coveted events in sports and entertainment,” said Joseph Graziano, SVP, Head of Global Event Strategy & Development, NBA. “Tapping into their expertise to form NBA Experiences will allow us to engage with NBA fans in new ways and create lasting memories for years to come.”

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