Frankie Muniz Charts Path From TV to NASCAR

    • Frankie Muniz is best known for his starring role in 'Malcolm in the Middle.'
    • He's now plotting a move to NASCAR.

Fame opens all sorts of doors, and Frankie Muniz, best known for the title role in the sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle,” is seeking to turn his notoriety into a NASCAR career.

After racing for five years and injuring his wrist in 2009, he shifted his focus to music and film.

“I have unfinished business,” Muniz told Front Office Sports. 

Now, 36 and a new father, he’s going all-in on racing.

“I’m uprooting my kid and my life,” said Muniz, who just sold his house in Scottsdale, Arizona. “If a team wants me in Charlotte or Indiana, I need to be there.”

  • Muniz is looking to break into NASCAR’s ARCA Series or Truck Series, both of which have media deals with Fox through its FS1 network.
  • The Camping World Truck Series carries a total prize pool of over $700,000.
  • The ARCA Menards Series offers up $250,000, and the ARCA East & West Series account for $100,000 for their total point funds. 

Muniz in the Middle

While prize money can help, the teams Muniz wants to join rely heavily on sponsorships.

“Some teams are spending $20 million a season,” said Muniz.

While he’s out to prove he’s more than a celebrity hobbyist, his star power may help fund a team. “A team may see value in what I bring to the table, either from the acting side or from my racecraft.”

Muniz isn’t concerned what path he takes — as long as it leads him to the track.