Formula E Looks to Next Generation

    • Formula E is set to unveil its Gen3 car on April 30 in Monaco.
    • The racing series is working to entice a new generation of racing fans.

As it prepares to unveil its Gen3 racecar, Formula E is angling toward the next generation of fans, media, and auto manufacturing.

“The series was founded with the express purpose of showcasing what electric mobility can be,” Formula E’s CEO Jamie Reigle told Front Office Sports. “We always feel like we need to push the envelope in terms of R&D and new innovations in the car.”

  • The new car, which will be unveiled on April 28, ahead of the April 30 Monaco race, will have a smaller battery, making for a lighter, smaller car that’s faster and can more easily maneuver around cars.
  • The Gen3 car will grow the power output from 250kw to 350kw and generate 40% of its power from regenerative braking capabilities.

While Formula E cars don’t change tires during the race, the series is considering a feature in which cars could access higher power levels if they stop at a charging station.

“We’re playing with that intersection of the real world and the virtual, gaming world,” Reigle noted.

The series reaches around 20 million viewers per race, with about 60% to 70% watching live and the rest viewing highlights and recaps.

The ‘Drive to Survive’ Formula

Reigle has not failed to notice how the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” has turbocharged Formula 1’s popularity (the two racing series share certain tracks but have no formal connection).

“You have to figure out what’s going to be our angle, and we think that going into Gen3 is the moment,” he said.