Formula 1 Las Vegas Announcement Expected Soon

    • Formula 1 is reportedly close to announcing a new race in Las Vegas.
    • The series will debut in Miami in May.

Formula 1 is on the cusp of racing in a third U.S. city.

An announcement that the global racing series is coming to Las Vegas is reportedly imminent, with one source saying it will come on March 30

“For us, it’s less about the number of races, and more about where they are — are they going to complement the championship?” Ian Holmes, F1’s director of media rights, told Front Office Sports. 

We want to race in cool places. We’re super-happy with how Austin has developed and grown, and Miami is going to be massive.”

  • The 2022 race schedule is set, but Las Vegas could join in 2023, with one source saying it will happen in November of that year. 
  • The contest could become F1’s flagship race in the U.S.

As currently conceived, the race would take place on the streets of Las Vegas, including parts of the Strip. F1 would be responsible for preparations such as sealing sewer manholes and adding concrete barriers. 

The city’s pedestrian bridges would be used as viewing areas.

Miami Revving Its Engines

F1’s second U.S. race will kick off on May 8 in Miami. Hard Rock Stadium, home to the Miami Dolphins, will be outfitted for the race. The race will be the first of 10 in a deal between F1 and the city.

Austin, Texas, is the only U.S. location with a track built specifically for F1.