Formula 1 Gets Green Light for Lavish Miami Weekend

    • A judge declined to block Formula 1's inaugural race in Miami.
    • The lawsuit, brought by local residents, could continue on after the race.

The show will go on: A Miami judge blocked an attempt by local residents to call off Formula 1’s inaugural race in Miami Gardens.

A local group had sought an injunction on the highly anticipated contest on the grounds that noise from the event could reach damaging levels.

  • “Although the burden may seem unfair to the plaintiffs, I do find that any potential harm is avoidable,” said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Alan Fine.
  • He went on to call the evidence that the race could cause hearing loss “very highly speculative.” 
  • “It is not based on any current Formula 1 noise information,” he said, adding it “does not take into consideration the south wall,” referring to sound-mitigating walls installed by event organizers.

The race, the first of 10 in Miami Gardens, is scheduled for May 6-8. Fine did order noise monitoring for the event, noting that the lawsuit could continue afterward with potential consequences for future races.

Money Speeding In

In addition to the noise, F1 is bringing an influx of people and money to the area. Event organizers expect an additional 35,000 hotel bookings on race weekend.

Hard Rock Stadium is being outfitted for a race that fits FIA standards, while the surrounding area is getting a makeover, including a temporary 24,000 square-foot beach with swimming pools and a marina with dry-docked yachts.

F1 is providing $5 million in community benefit funding to Miami Gardens.