Engaging Fan Bases for At-Home Virtual Experiences

  • A look at how 2020 has revolutionized the way fans interact with sports, entertainment and live events.
  • Unique ways to engage fans as sports continue to evolve as return to hybrid experiences.
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While the pandemic may have altered the in-person sports fan experience, it resulted in more fans cheering and interacting virtually. A leader in digital audience engagement tactics, Telescope has worked with clients to provide play-along and virtual engagement experiences for fan bases and will continue as sports evolve to hybrid experiences. 

In a recent Partner Showcase, Michael Porter, SVP Business Development at Telescope shared case studies in addition to the digital products and key solutions to help best serve sports organizations this year.

On Telescope’s strong history of working in sports: (3:29)

Telescope has a long history of working in the sports industry. Going back to 2008, we actually sponsored the first-ever Sprite-sponsored NBA Slam Dunk that was on text message.  Since then, we’ve worked with leagues including MLS, NBA and WNBA; a number of TV broadcasters, including NBC Sports and ESPN and internationally with Formula E and the IOC around the Olympics. 

On their real-time fan interaction tool: Passion Meter (9:24)

This is a product that has been leveraged for our work with the NBA and the bubble. It’s a real-time interactive experience where fans at home – frankly, even at the live event – can choose from a vote in real time or react in real time to what’s happening. You can create a fully branded experience or it can be sponsorable. 

On predictive gaming: (18:19)

We have products called predictive with leaderboard that is an easy and seamless way to create the predictive gaming experience. It’s an opportunity for data capture and sponsorship and allows fans to make those kinds of predictive bets, (virtual that is) of what’s going to happen and there’s a real-time leaderboard, so you’ll see where you stand. Once you find out if your prediction was correct or incorrect, the cool piece is that it can absolutely include a instant win or sweepstakes element.

On reinventing the meet and greet for fans: (25:43)

Another cool element that we just launched is our breakout room product. So, imagine this is very much like we’re doing now as a Zoom-type of kind of experience, but can be fully branded for sponsors for your brands or sports property…I see this particularly in sports, in a number of ways: one is really engaging those audiences when they might not be able to go to the game with a VIP meet and greet experience. Your chance to interact with somebody that you are a big fan of, know and love, and have the opportunity to talk to in a virtual way. We also have a number of other products that could tie in, such as our digital autograph product that fits well with the VIP meet and greet campaign.

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