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Disney’s Iger Reportedly Interested in Suns Purchase

Chris Coduto-USA TODAY Sports/Design: Alex Brooks

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver is under investigation by the NBA following allegations of racism and misogyny within the franchise — and reports have emerged that former Disney CEO Bob Iger is interested in buying the team. 

The Suns were most recently valued at $1.8 billion by Forbes but could reportedly sell for more than $2 billion — and Iger would likely need partners in a purchase. 

Sarver bought the team for $401 million in 2004, an NBA record at the time. 

  • Since then, the team has sifted through nine coaches and eight general managers. 
  • The Suns made it to the NBA Finals last season but fell to the Milwaukee Bucks.

ESPN, which is owned by Disney, broke the report surrounding Sarver’s actions. More than 70 current and former employees during Sarver’s 17-year tenure described inappropriate office behavior not only by Sarver but by other members of the Suns leadership.

The NBA is expected to conclude the investigation in the next few months.

Iger has been with Disney since 2005 and stayed on as chairman when he stepped down from his CEO role in 2020. His gig with The Mouse will officially be up at the end of the year.

Nothing is official, but if the team does go up for sale, co-owners of the franchise have a right of first refusal.