Dallas Mayor Wants Another NFL Team Besides Cowboys

    • Dallas could pass Chicago as the third-largest metro area in the next few years.
    • The hypothetical team would play in the AFC.

If the NFL adds a new team, a city with one of the richest football histories should be an option despite already having a team, according to its mayor.

Mayor Eric Johnson recently said he believes that Dallas should receive another NFL team.

His argument cites the fact that Dallas is creeping up on Chicago as the third-largest metropolitan area in the country — a status which would make it the largest U.S. metro area without two NFL teams.

Johnson believes Dallas could sustain two football teams better than either New York or Los Angeles — the two largest metro areas.

The mayor suggested that the hypothetical team would play in Southern Dallas and be in the AFC, counteracting the Cowboys’ presence in the NFC.

While there are no such plans in the immediate future, the idea that Dallas could maintain two teams seems feasible: The Cowboys top Forbes’ list of most valuable sports teams at $5.7 billion.