Chelsea Bidders Visit London Ahead of April 11 Deadline

    • The potential new owners of Chelsea FC are doing their best to make their mark.
    • The Ricketts family and Todd Boehly were seen in London this week.

As Raine Group nears the April 11 deadline for final Chelsea FC bids, the potential investors are doing their best to make a mark.

The Ricketts family’s investment group, which has been considered by some as the leading bidder, has faced criticism after Islamophobic emails from patriarch Joe Ricketts resurfaced from three years ago.

But Laura Ricketts, Joe’s daughter, says that it’s her “life’s work to fight against discrimination and bigotry of any kind.” 

  • She and Ken Griffin, also a part of the group, have met with numerous Chelsea fan groups in London this week to diminish concerns they may have. 
  • Laura also confirmed meetings were held with Chelsea Price’s Tracy Brown and the Chelsea Women’s Supporters Group’s Kerrie Evans.

The Chelsea Supporters Trust found that 77% of its members do not support the bid. Tom and Todd Ricketts, who own the Chicago Cubs with Laura, are also leading the consortium.

Deadline Due Diligence

Todd Boehly, another one of the four preferred bidders, was in London for Chelsea’s game against Madrid in the Champions League quarter-final on Wednesday. ESPN says he is set to meet with the team’s senior figures.

The remaining two bidders, Sir Martin Broughton and Steve Pagliuca, are expected to receive similar opportunities to meet in London. 

Raine Group will choose a single preferred bidder by April 18 and is reportedly looking to sell for $4.5 billion — a record amount for a sports institution.