Brian Davis’ Firm Files $500B Lawsuit Over Commanders’ Sale

  • Davis alleges in federal lawsuit that Bank of America didn't share his info with owner Dan Snyder.
  • He alleges that Bank of America kept $5.1B in transfers from March.
Brian Davis is suing Bank of America
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Brian Davis considered himself a contender for the Washington Commanders last month. 

But according to the lawsuit filed Friday against Bank of America that seeks $500 billion in damages, the firm tapped to handle the sale of the Commanders by owner Dan Snyder apparently did not. 

The former Duke men’s basketball player’s Urban Echo Energy is the only plaintiff in the federal lawsuit against Bank of America that also seeks an injunction to return the billions he allegedly transferred to the bank. The complaint in Maryland was filed exactly a week after Harris finalized a $6.05 billion deal to purchase the Commanders. 

Front Office Sports asked Jeff Martin, Davis’ Virginia-based attorney, whether any more lawsuits, including any that could seek an injunction that’d prevent Harris from taking control of the Commanders.

“Not at this time,” Martin responded via email.

The lawsuit alleged that $5.1 billion was sent by Urban Echo and transferred to Bank of America in two different transfers. Included in the court filings were images of two alleged copies of the bank drafts dated March 8. 

“Upon information and belief, BOA never made the Snyders aware of the existence of the bank drafts,” Davis’ attorney Jeffery T. Martin wrote in the complaint. 

According to the lawsuit, Davis bid $7.1 billion for the Commanders on March 21. 

Davis alleges that Bank of America “failed to deposit the bank drafts” that originated from Citibank into his Bank of America account.

“As a result of BOA’s wrongful detention of Urban Echo’s property, Urban Echo has suffered damages, consisting of the return of Plaintiff’s $5,100,000,000.00 and additional damages in an amount to be proven at trial,” Martin wrote. 

Bank of America also did not return messages from FOS seeking comment on the lawsuit. 

The Commanders declined to comment. 

Jason Morrin of Conduct Detrimental was the first to report on the lawsuit.

FOS reported in late March that Harris — whose group includes more than a dozen limited partners with a net worth of about $100 billion — was the lone serious contender for the franchise Snyder put on the market in November. 

In later reporting, FOS was unable to determine the source of the funds that backed Davis’ bid. A business associate of Davis’ told FOS that the bid was being considered. 

“It doesn’t appear to be an issue for those who it matters most to: Snyder and the league,” the business partner said. “We’ll talk after the contract is signed.”

That business associate has yet to return messages from FOS dating back to last Friday.

Davis told “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan on April 19 that it was “ridiculous” that his attempt to buy the team would lead to a lawsuit against the Commanders or the NFL he didn’t win.

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