Brand Food: Inspiring Party Crashers Everywhere

Serving up expert insights and insider advice, all for less than the price of a pizza each month.

Good food. Everyone loves it. It is sharable, delicious and something that you usually tell someone about via any one of your numerous social media platforms.

When it comes to good ideas, why should it be any different?

That is why, starting today, brand marketing experts Jeremy Darlow and Michael Ehrlich have launched Brand Food, the only education and ideation think tank dedicated to building college sports brands.

“Michael and I are fortunate to have found success in building brands and crashing parties over the years,” said Darlow. “Our think tank is a new avenue for us to share our knowledge and inspire those interested in the same topics.”

While working together at adidas, Darlow and Ehrlich noticed a need for an easy way to share ideas and insight at a cost that made it accessible for every department, no matter the budget.

“From our experiences working with athletic departments across the country, we’ve recognized that programs are short on time and budgets,” added Ehrlich. “Brand Food offers schools at all levels an affordable and accessible portfolio of brand building opportunities from a diverse group of thought leaders.”

Each week on Brand Food, Darlow and Ehrlich will release easy to digest strategies and tactics related to brand development, geared specifically to college athletic departments.

All of the strategies will be 200 words or less, something that Darlow and Ehrlich hope to bring inspiration to all those reading them.

“Our vision for Brand Food is to be a platform where marketers come to find inspiration,” said Ehrlich. “We want them to take the opportunities highlighted and run with them, making them their own.”

The subscription based experience will also feature exclusive ideas and insight from thought leaders in and around college athletics, ranging from athletic department administrators to former athletes to national media members.

The pair plans to bring in fresh contributors in order to keep the content flowing and the ideas fresh.

“It’s really important for us to bring in thought leaders from inside and outside of the industry to give the audience both fresh perspectives and veteran learnings,” said Darlow.

For its launch, the list of contributors for Brand Food include the likes of Matt Miller, Bleacher Report NFL Draft Lead Writer, Brian Bowsher, Chief Marketing Officer at University of Washington, Phil Hecken, Uni Watch Weekend Editor and Warren Moon, Co-Founder & President of Sports 1 Marketing and Hall of Fame Quarterback.

In the eyes of Darlow and Ehrlich, Brand Food will be a success if it serves as a change maker for innovation.

“If the platform inspires people to go off and do bigger and better things and change the way that we think about brand marketing and college athletics, we would be ecstatic.”

Brand Food will cost $9.99 per month and include a free digital copy of Darlow’s “Brands Win Championships” with each membership.

For more information and to explore Brand Food, visit or follow the conversation on Twitter via @JeremyDarlow, @MichaelEhrlich and #BrandFood.

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