Being an Intern isn’t All Fun and Games

This is posted as part of our Summer Intern Blog Series. Be sure to come back each week as interns from around the country share their summer experiences with us!

By: Todd Rogers, @Todd_TTU

Looking good and putting in the work, Todd Rogers has enjoyed his time at ACU

This past week of my internship has certainly been the busiest week of my summer so far. Not only have I been busy at ACU with multiple projects and assignments to be completed last week, I also started my two summer classes this past Tuesday. Working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., along with having two summer classes that require daily assignments and readings, it is safe to say that my plate is currently extremely full.

In addition to that, I will be traveling on the Wildcat Club Caravan most of next week and needed to get ahead in my classes, this last week did not involve much sleep for me. However, this crazy week did help me uncover the strong work ethic that I have. For me, personally, I believe my work ethic to be one of my strongest traits. Although this past week involved some “roll up your sleeves and get down to work” kind of tasks, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. For example, on Monday, I spent my afternoon building myself a new desk! While my experience in making desks was certainly limited and I’m sure that it does not look perfect, I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment upon completing it.

Likewise, I also spent one afternoon at the track stadium here at ACU fixing banners that run across the top of the stadium. While it wasn’t necessarily fun, sitting in the heat zip-tying banners at the top of the track stadium, I once again loved the feeling of accomplishment after completing it and enjoyed being able to step back and just look and see the difference that my work made. So even though I worked a little bit longer than I usually do this past week, and I came home to be greeted by textbooks, quizzes and case studies, I enjoyed it. I loved constantly being on my feet and moving around only to look up and realize that it was already past five. Maybe I’m just young and one day that feeling will change and my passion and energy will slow down.

However, after seeing how the AD here at ACU works and the hours that he has, I know that if I ever want to make it to the top of college athletics, then that passion and energy must never slow down or stop. I think that is one of my biggest learning points from this past week, in college athletics you are always moving and you never really stop. Whether you’re in budget meeting, head coaches meetings, answering e-mail, socializing with donors, with so many things on your plate the job never stops.

As I write my post for this week, I am currently packing my final few items together to head out on the Wildcat Club Caravan next week. The caravan will head to Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Ft. Worth in the span of four days. This experience will certainly be the highlight of my summer and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to share it with the rest of the Front Office Sports community so be sure to look out for my post next week!