5 Good Minutes with Bram Weinstein, Senior VP of Reel Sports

By: Amari Dryden, @Amari_Dryden

Bram Weinstein, Senior Vice President of Reel Sports

Front Office Sports is excited to catch up with Bram Weinstein, former ESPN host and now Senior Vice President of Reel Sports, a company formed to create a community of broadcasters who want to improve their craft.

The Transition

This is the first time Weinstein has been behind the scenes and not in front of the camera. “I’ve always been the talent and not a business owner. I’ve been learning the priorities and practice of that.” What he loves most about his new job is helping the upcoming class of broadcasters enhance their craft. “It’s been fun getting to use my experience to help young people. We’re trying to build a community of young broadcasters as they navigate a very different field than the one I was a part of. If you need help in the field, we’re there to help you on your way.” He has enjoyed his time on the business side of things so far. “It’s been a cool opportunity to transition away from just being a broadcaster and having the opportunity to see what life is like on the business side.”

Reel Sports isn’t just for sports broadcasters, but for anyone trying to get a leg up in the broadcasting industry. “It’s not all for sports broadcasting. I have a sports background, but my partner and I are dealing with news people, people who want to become experts in whatever field they’re in and get some variety and exposure for their brand. We have practices that help people perform well in front and behind the camera. We have a lot of educational workshops we’re putting together.”

Reel Sports

As Senior Vice President, Bram’s goal for Reel Sports is to create a community of broadcasters and provide both, a fun networking environment that is going to help grow careers and at the same time, teach you some of the best practices of the people who have done this at the highest level so you the opportunity to perform at your best. “We find in our field that it’s a very competitive space. It’s a place where often times you don’t have a place to go to improve yourself, your craft, to make decisions about what is the right thing for you and your career. We’re hoping to build a place that is that for people.”

Currently, Bram advises people on different practices for broadcasters that can help people improve. “I want to give insight into the really small details that look easy on television and radio but really aren’t. It’s not something where you can watch a lot of television and learn how to do it. If you’re a lawyer, you have to study case law and practice litigation. You can’t just watch a lot of Law & Order and become a criminal lawyer. It doesn’t work that way.”

There are difficult parts to every job and broadcasting is no different. “The hardest part about it is navigating the politics of it. I don’t believe that that should be prohibitive for anyone. We’re not all at each other’s throats but [instead we’re] all in this together. The people who will succeed the most are the ones who are willing to be team players. We’re trying to create a way for people to meet, network and be part of a community rather than feeling like a separate entity.”

Upcoming Event

On January 30th, Reel Sports is having an event called “Inside the World of Network Sports Broadcasting” where Bram along with former ESPN Talent Manager Gerry Matalon will demonstrate and give tips to people who want to work in the sports broadcasting industry. Bram and Gerry are going to be a great tandem because “Gerry was at the highest level of talent development at ESPN and has been able to evaluate talent and propel people to places they didn’t even think they’re going to get to.”

Bram in turn, takes the practical knowledge and will showcase to the attendees “how you need to do it when you’re on the air.” Bram is extremely excited about this event because “having both of those skills sets in the same room working together is invaluable for someone who wants to do this for a living.”

Not Signing Off Yet

Bram loves the work that he’s doing with Reel Sports but isn’t signing off from broadcasting just yet. He is still searching for another broadcasting job to open up. “As soon as another network spot opens up, I’m going to take it. It’s a very limited position in only a handful of places that are logical steps for me. I’m being patient with it. I’ll be back on television soon.”

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