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    • The Pac-12 will play a seven-game schedule beginning Nov. 6-7.
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All of the Power 5 conferences will take the field by mid-November. The Pac-12 CEO Group unanimously agreed to reinstate fall football yesterday, opting for a seven-game season with opening weekend slated for Nov. 6-7.

The Mountain West Conference also changed course yesterday and will play an eight-game football season beginning in October. Both decisions come a little over a week after the Big Ten also reversed its decision

Pac-12 men’s and women’s basketball teams can now return to practice and begin their seasons on time — the conference had previously halted all sports competition until Jan. 1.

Oregon President Michael Schill said the decision had nothing to do with finances, and that the money recouped with the season reinstatement will be “tiny” compared to what schools have already lost. Utah laid off or furloughed its staff following the initial postponement and athletic director Mark Harlan projected $50-60 million in 2020 losses without football. The Pac-12 also laid off staffers, but not before shelling out bonuses potentially totaling $4 million.

Power 5 Football:

Pac-12 — 7-game season, beginning Nov. 6-7

Big Ten — 9-game schedule season, beginning Oct. 24

SEC — 10-game schedule, beginning Sept. 26

Big 12 — 10-game schedule with a non-conference game, began Sept. 12

ACC — 11-game schedule with a non-conference game, began Sept. 10