How AI Can Boost Fan Engagement in Sports Video

November 1, 2022 | 5:00 PM EDT
Learn how AI technology can help sports content providers identify, produce and share highlights in real time to boost fan engagement.
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Few things have driven the growth of sports quite like bite-sized video content. 

From highlight clips distributed in real-time across all digital and social platforms, to instant-classic key moments getting massive traction, breaking hours-long games down into their most high-impact pieces has become a cornerstone of any great sports content provider. Now, teams, leagues and broadcasters are using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify, produce and share this content more seamlessly than ever.

In our latest virtual event, How AI Can Boost Fan Engagement in Sports Video, Front Office Sports sits down with thought leaders in the emerging sports media space: Ashwin Limaye, Chief Product Officer at Magnifi, Justin D’Apolito, Senior Manager of Social Content at the NBA, and Andrew Meyer, Managing Producer at the Buffalo Bills, to discuss:

  • How technology has evolved over the years – and the needs of the sports fan with it
  • How teams, leagues and broadcasters are adapting to the needs of consumers
  • What challenges these organizations face from a content production standpoint
  • How AI helps solve these challenges and what the future holds for AI in sports media

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Ashwin Limaye
Chief Product Officer
Justin D'Apolito
Senior Manager, Social Content
Andrew Meyer
Managing Producer
Buffalo Bills

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