Future of Sports: Venues

December 13, 2023 | 1:00 PM EST

About The Event

Everywhere you look, teams across sports are breaking ground on flashy new venues with unprecedented features and amenities, revolutionizing the fan experience in the process. And it’s only the beginning.

This virtual event dives deep into the transformative initiatives by teams, leagues, brands, and universities that are reshaping the future of venues as we know them. Through three enlightening sessions, the summit will explore the multifaceted reasons for the arena and stadium boom, and their much-discussed impact on fans, athletes, taxpayers, and advertisers. Attendees will hear valuable insights about the evolving landscape from experts who know it best.

Event available on-demand.


Session 1

Everyone Wants A New Stadium

A conversation about the wave of state-of-the-art venues across sports. We’ll discuss everything from the finances and engineering behind these moves to the impact of fan and team morale.

Paul Maldonado
VP of IT Infrastructure & Operations
SoFi Stadium
Jennifer Bower
Executive Vice President, Partnerships, Premium, & Ticketing at San Diego FC
Sally Bae
Senior Vice President Global Partnerships
Session 2

Fans in Seats: Winning Digital and Beyond

A conversation about the cutting-edge fan experience. We’ll discuss rising consumer expectations, how digital factors into the executive strategy, and much more.

Todd Humphrey
SVP of Digital & Fan Experience
Seattle Kraken
Scott Emery
VP of Global Portfolio Sales
Jeremy Aguero
Treasurer & Principal Analyst
Las Vegas Super Bowl LVIII Executive Committee
Session 3

Sustainable Stadiums: The Next Frontier

A conversation about the innovations that teams and designers are employing to operate massive venues with a smaller ecological footprint.

George Hanna
Chief Technology & Digital Officer
Los Angeles Clippers
Dustin Godsey
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Milwaukee Bucks

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