Future of Sports: Sustainability

April 22, 2024

About The Event

In honor of Earth Day, Front Office Sports hosted three conversations with a lineup of visionaries committed to eco-friendly initiatives and investments across the sports landscape.

Find out why green sports venues are one of the hottest trends in real estate, how sustainable efforts drive revenue and sponsorships, and insider details on motorsports’ zero-carbon future. The relationship between sports and environmental responsibility is stronger than ever.

Whether you’re looking to be entertained and inspired by success stories, learn about innovative green solutions, or gather insights on the economic benefits of adopting green practices in sports, Future of Sports: Sustainability has something for everyone.

It’s on all of us to take care of the planet, and sports — played, celebrated, and obsessed over by millions of people worldwide — should be at the forefront of that mission. This event is your passport to understanding exactly how that eco-conscious legacy will be created.

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Session 1 | 1:05 p.m. ET

Why Green Venues Are Winning

A discussion about the economic and environmental benefits of adopting sustainable infrastructure in sports venues.

Kristen Fulmer
Kristen Fulmer
Head of Sustainability
Oak View Group
Tim Trefzer
Tim Trefzer
VP Sports & Venue Sustainability
Honeycomb Strategies
Brandon Hamilton
Brandon Hamilton
Vice President of Stadium Operations and Facilities
Kansas City Chiefs
Session 2 | 1:35 p.m. ET

The Power of An Eco-Friendly Organization

Exploring the impact of sustainability-focused partnerships, sponsorships, and products on a sports organization's brand value and earning power.

Roger McClendon
Roger McClendon
Executive Director
Green Sports Alliance
Omar Mitchell
Vice President, Industry Growth & Sustainability
Dawn Brown
Sr. Manager Stadium Tours & Education Programs + Sustainability
Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Session 3 | 2:05 p.m. ET

Zero Carbon: Motorsports’ Next Frontier

An in-depth look at the sustainable future of motorsports as leagues and teams place a high priority on eliminating emissions.

Riley Nelson
Riley Nelson
Head of Sustainability
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson
Sustainability Director
McLaren Racing
Ellis Spiezia
Electric Racing Driver
Ellysium Racing

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