Future of Sports: Private Equity

June 12, 2024

About The Event

Want an inside look at the incredible rise of private equity in sports? Front Office Sports has you covered with our latest event — Future of Sports: Private Equity.

You’ll get unprecedented access to the minds behind the firms, teams, and leagues leading the way for this seismic shift in the sports industry.

The event will feature a range of conversations between investors and team executives about how private equity is reshaping the financial landscape of sports. We’ll discuss everything from why this movement got started in the first place to how we can expect it to evolve in the future.

Whether it’s high-profile team acquisitions or strategic league investments, this is your opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the motivations driving this new wave of investments and understand the ripple effects on team dynamics, front office culture, and fan experiences.

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Session 1 | 1:05 p.m. ET

Private Equity's Growing Interest In Sports

Discussing the developing trend of private equity firms acquiring stakes in sports franchises and partnering with sports organizations across the globe.

Jeffrey Kaplan
Co-Founder and President
Andalusian Sports Advisors
Adrian Williams
SC Holdings
Russell Wolff
Managing Director Sports, Media & Entertainment
Sixth Street
Session 2 | 1:35 p.m. ET

How The NBA Embraced Private Equity

Insights into the strategic motivations driving the NBA and its teams’ trailblazing approach to the convergence of sports and private equity.

David Abrams
Founder and Managing Partner
Velocity Capital Management
Andrew Laurino
Senior Managing Director
Blue Owl Capital Inc.
Michael P. Misciagna
Managing Director
Rockefeller Global Investment Banking
Session 3 | 2:05 p.m.

Sports Meets Private Equity: The European Factor

Exploring the rise of private equity in sports overseas with a focus on the impact these investments have on European soccer.

Dan Bravato
SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory
Daniel Hall
Managing Partner
North Sixth Group, LLC
Andrea Pascual
Vice President

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