Future of Sports: Fan Engagement

April 2, 2024 | 1:00 PM EDT
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About The Event

Fans are the heart of the sports business.

Ask any player and they’ll tell you that the roaring crowds are one of the main reasons why they love the game. Ask any executive and they’ll tell you that a highly-engaged fan base is the key to selling the tickets, merch, and TV spots to hitting revenue goals.

We’ll talk about all of the above and much more during Future of Sports: Fan Engagement presented by Wicket — the latest event in our series of panel discussions about the hottest topics and strategies across the business of sports.

We’re bringing together an esteemed cast of industry experts to go deep on leveraging diehard supporters to grow your business, how to build a close connection with your fans on social media, and the importance of crafting an unforgettable fan experience at live sporting events.

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Session 1 | 1:05 pm ET

Transforming Passion Into Profit

Discussing the role of merchandise sales, subscription models, digital content, and sponsorship deals in capitalizing on engaged fan bases.

Caroline Buckland
Caroline Buckland
Head of Global Fan Engagement
Red Bull Racing
Rebecca Hendel
Rebecca Hendel
Vice President, Valuation
Endeavor Analytics
Matt Sebek
Chief Experience Officer
St. Louis CITY SC
Session 2 | 1:35 pm ET

Future-Proofing Your Digital Strategy

Exploring how sports organizations utilize digital platforms, social media, and emerging technologies to connect with fans on a global scale.

Nate Bain
Director of Social Media and Influencer Marketing Strategy
Tennessee Titans
Colleen Cummings
Vice President, Digital and Social Media
Marinda Yelverton
VP, Creator & Social
Session 3 | 2:05 pm ET

Evolving The On-Site Fan Experience

A conversation about the new age of live sporting events and the importance of creating immersive and memorable experiences for fans.

Katie Haas
Executive VP, Ballpark Operations and Experience
NY Mets
Danny Passovoy
VP, Ticketing & Experience
Premier Lacrosse League
Sarah Schuler
Sarah Schuler
Vice President of Game Presentation & Experiential Marketing
Los Angeles Rams
Adam Spaulding
Head of Product

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