Future of Sports: Artificial Intelligence

January 24, 2024

About The Event

Dive into the dynamic realm of Artificial Intelligence at the upcoming Front Office Sports Virtual Summit. Across three impactful segments, industry experts will unveil AI’s transformative potential in reshaping the sports landscape.

The first segment, Optimizing Your Fan Base With AI, features top executives from Kraft Analytics, the NBA, and IBM as they explore AI’s profound impact on fan interaction and loyalty. The second segment, AI’s On-The-Field Impact, features the Head of Sports at Amazon Web Services and an executive from the Kansas City Current, and will discuss how AI analytics influence coaching, training, and stadium development. The final segment, Monetizing Sports With AI, will delve into AI’s role in decision-making for ticket pricing, advertising, and merchandise sales and includes the CEO and Co-Founder of Satisfi Labs as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of Fastbreak.ai

Full event is available on-demand.


Session 1

Examining case studies and success stories where AI has significantly enhanced fan interaction, loyalty, and involvement with sports teams and leagues.

Jessica Gelman
Kraft Analytics Group
Bob Carney
SVP Social & Digital Content
Noah Syken
VP of Sports & Entertainment Partnerships
Session 2

Discussing how AI-powered analytics and data-driven insights are reshaping coaching, training, game strategies, talent scouting, and stadium development.

Julie Souza
Head of Sports, Global Professional Services
Amazon Web Services
Scott Jenkins
VP of Facility Development
Kansas City Current
Jacob Rothman
CEO and Co-Founder
Session 3

Exploring how AI-powered predictive analytics and algorithms influence decision-making in sports business, such as ticket pricing, advertising, and merchandise sales.

John Stewart
CEO & Co-Founder
Don White
CEO & Co-Founder
Satisfi Labs
Thomas Alomes
Advisory & Strategic Growth
PMY Group

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