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Introducing FOS Essentials, a series of complimentary, interactive courses designed to help professionals stay on top of today's ever-changing sports landscape.

In our first course, Sports Marketing Essentials, you’ll hear from leaders at Pepsi Sports and their agency partners at Genesco. Topics include Pepsi’s overall sports strategy and how they bring brands to life at marquee events including The Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Game. We’ll also explore how brands leverage athletes, the rising importance of esports and gaming, the importance of data and how they’ve pivoted in a post-COVID environment. Register now for an inside look at this sports megabrand.

Course Lineup

Lesson 1

PepsiCo: Fundamentals of a Sports Megabrand

Justin Toman
Head of Sports Marketing, PepsiCo
An inside look at how one of the world’s largest megabrands navigates the world of sports sponsorships, partnerships and media.

Lesson 2

Athlete Endorsements

Adam Nurik
Vice President, Genesco Sports Enterprises
Learn how Pepsi approaches athlete endorsement deals and the role athletes play in marketing objectives.


Gatorade and the World of the Athlete

Jeff Kearney
Global Head of Sports Marketing, Gatorade
How an iconic global brand born out of a cultural moment continues to reinvent itself and stay an integral part of the athlete, sideline and game.


Branded Events and League Activations

Eric Robinson
Director, Genesco Sports Enterprises
Pepsi’s agency, Genesco, breaks down how they plan and execute league activations including the Mountain Dew 3-pt contest during NBA All-Star Weekend.


Esports: Transition from Traditional Sports

Paul Mascali
Head of Esports and Gaming, PepsiCo
Understanding the $130B global Esports gaming market and best practices around engaging gamers and their fan bases.


Using Data to Inform Sports Marketing Strategy

Bill Hudock
Marketing and Communications, SponsorUnited
The power of data and how brands utilize it to better understand the sports landscape and deliver on brand objectives.


Make-goods: Reevaluating partnerships in a COVID-19 world

John Markiewicz
Senior Director, Genesco Sports Enterprises
How the pandemic’s shutdown and return to sports has caused brands to pivot and work with their partners on creative substitutions (make-goods) to fulfill their contractual obligations.


Super Bowl Marketing

Katie Haniffy, Head of Media Strategy & Investment for PepsiCo Beverages
Melissa Duhaime, Pepsi Sports Marketing Director
Watched by 100 million people, the Super Bowl is the ultimate platform for brands. Learn how Pepsi brands activate around one of the most-watched sporting events.


Who can benefit from these courses?

Students aspiring a career in the sports industry, early-career marketers or professionals looking to transition to a sports-related career.

Is there certification available for completing the courses?

Yes, upon completion of each course, you will receive a course badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

Do I need to take the lessons in order?

You can take them in order, wait until they are all available and binge them all at once, or take just the ones you need. It’s up to you.

Can I use my mobile device?

Yes, the course is completely mobile-friendly.

Are the courses at a specific time?

No. The lessons in each course exist independently, and are available for you to take at any time.

What do I do if I have a technical issue?

There is live chat support in the courses, or you can email

FOS Essentials is a series of complimentary, interactive courses designed to help professionals stay on top of today’s ever-changing sports landscape. Each course is designed with multiple lesson modules to give you an in-depth understanding of various areas of the business of sports and help you gain the expertise and knowledge to develop your skills and boost your career. Upon completion, you’ll earn a verified digital badge to proudly display on your LinkedIn profile.