Xcite Interactive Offering Free Trial For Duration of Coronavirus Outbreak

    • The company's Trivia application will be available for free for the next two months if teams sign up by March 27th.
    • The game can be accessed via a mobile app or a vanity URL.

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(Xcite Interactive is a proud partner of Front Office Sports)

Due to the continuing spread of COVID-19, teams and leagues all over the world find themselves having to pause play indefinitely while fans practice social isolation by staying home. These teams and leagues face the unprecedented dilemma of having to find creative ways to engage with their fans during what would usually be their most active time of year. 

Xcite Interactive wants to help ease the burden of these organizations, at least for a little while.

Xcite Interactive is currently providing their white label Trivia Game for free for the next two months. This gives teams an easy-to-operate outlet to interact with thousands of fans at home. The game is built in a mobile web frame and can be accessed by fans within the organization’s mobile app and/or via vanity URL.

“We were brainstorming trying to think ‘what can we do? How can we try to positively affect people during this really odd time?’ As we talked it through, we decided that we should do it for everybody, not just existing clients, and just give teams and fans an opportunity to engage if they want to with no costs, no strings attached,” Xcite Interactive EVP of Sales and Marketing Aaron Cohn told FOS. “If we can help teams and fans connect and provide a little bit of a distraction we feel like that’s how we can maybe do our part and just try to make the best of the situation.”

“Everyone loves trivia. Everyone thinks they know a lot about their favorite team. We figured that the combination of low time to deploy and fans’ understanding of the concept made a lot of sense.” 

This activation can be used for daily and weekly contests, where high scorers could receive soft-cost items such as autographed items and sponsor prizes. Leaderboards can be made readily available for fans and games can be promoted via social media channels, giving fans ample notice prior to the start of each contest. Trivia does not require a video board and requires very little bandwidth to operate. Xcite Interactive staff will be happy to help with the game’s setup and we will be setting up training sessions in the near future.

“With the majority of the game being played over mobile, you still have the ability to send bounce back offers, whether those are team offers or sponsor offers,” Cohn said.

In these uncertain times, organizations have a unique opportunity to learn more about their fans and the process of engaging at a distance.

“We’re all fans and whether there’s a game going on or not, we still want to engage with our teams,” Cohn said. “I think this little pause in the action will allow teams to really understand the power that they have, not only during their games in the venue, but also how they can affect people on their second screens if they’re at home again or watching during a game.”

Xcite Interactive will offer two virtual training sessions a day through Monday to give users an idea of how to set the game up.

For more information and to get started, contact Aaron Cohn at acohn@xcite-interactive.com by 5 PM EST Friday, March 27th.