Canucks Utilize Data To Build Fanbase During Vancouver’s Continued Transformation

    • The Canucks have been able to take action more quickly on fan feedback to improve the fan experience.
    • By adopting StellarAlgo’s predictive tools and Customer Data Platform, the team has seen an increase in the conversion rates of their campaigns.

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Located in one of Canada’s fastest growing and most diverse cities, the Vancouver Canucks are quickly adapting to their surroundings in trying to grow their core group of fans.

One of the biggest challenges for any professional sports team in this regard is understanding their fan data and how it’s changing over time. To face this challenge, Canucks Sports and Entertainment (CSE) is in the fourth year of a partnership with StellarAlgo and employing the company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). CSE utilizes the CDP to pull together over a dozen fan data sources to create a single customer view. 

In addition to using StellarAlgo’s best-in-class Customer Data Platform which enables non-technical personnel to better understand fans and their experiences without the need to code, CSE also utilizes the CDP’s scalable, modern data infrastructure on the back end for their analytics team to use as their data warehousing solution. By connecting all of the team’s fan-centered data sources into one place and then presenting those automated insights through the CDP platform, the Canucks have been able to take action more quickly on fan feedback to improve the fan experience. As a result of these insights, the Canucks have improved the experience for fans in the arena and at home.

“Hearing what fans are saying from all different channels allows us to get a complete picture about the fan experience and how we can improve it,” says Andrew McNiece, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence at Canucks Sports & Entertainment. “Identifying pain points has also helped us in how we connect and engage with our ticket purchasers.”

“The better you understand what your fans are telling you and are able to create great fan experiences, the more loyal your fan base becomes.,” says Joseph King, Chief Product Officer and Partner at StellarAlgo. “However, for these organizations, they run quite lean. Being able to have these insights available in an instant through innovative technology, furthers their ability to provide what their fans are asking for in an effective way.” 

For the Vancouver Canucks, the focus in recent years has been on growing their fan base, especially for people who are new to hockey. With the influx of people relocating to Vancouver, it’s an opportunity for the team to introduce themselves to people who may not have been hockey fans previously. In order to build their fandom, the club has needed to focus on things about the experience of a live game to create excitement that is not reliant on the team’s on-ice performance. 

“What types of messaging really resonates with all our fans? How can we message to fans that are new to hockey?” McNiece regularly asks his team. “Whether we’re highlighting who our players are or showing what our arena and our game experience has to offer, we want that message to be personalized. We are not just selling tickets, we’re selling the experience, so how do we engage them as fans and put the right messaging in front of them?” 

By adopting StellarAlgo’s predictive tools and Customer Data Platform, the team has seen an increase in the conversion rates of their campaigns. For example, by tailoring messaging to their new audiences who are attending games, the Canucks have seen increases in all aspects of their fan experience scores. 

“Once you are aware that new fans have attended their first game, you can prioritize nurturing  them in a way that is meaningful to those fans. This is different from what will be the most meaningful to a fan with a longer tenure,” King says of the personalization that fans expect. “[The Canucks’] marketing team is actually quite dialed in to that process and we’ve been happy to help along the way.”

With these new fan insights, Canucks’ staff are able to deliver a new level of personalization to the fan experience for existing fans as well. Furthermore, as the city grows, having automated insights into their fans’ changing behaviors allows the team to grow alongside their city.

“Being in the sports & entertainment world, you get pulled in many different directions,” McNiece says. “As priorities change, or as team performance changes, that’ll change what types of actions you need to make. We need to make sure that everyone from our marketing team to our service reps, our sales reps, and our corporate partnerships group have the right information and the right tools so that they can speak effectively and talk through our story. We wouldn’t have those things if it were not for working with StellarAlgo.”

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