3 Ways RFID Technology Helps Drive Fan Engagement

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Many professional and college sports teams all over the globe are constantly looking for creative ways to generate ticket sales and drive fan engagement. In a world where many fans choose to watch games on their mobile device or from the comfort of their home, it can be difficult to actually draw crowds out to the stadium in person. Innovative and flexible technology, such as Radio-frequency identification (RFID), can be leveraged to boost season pass sales and increase overall fan engagement. The Connect&GO FastPass is a prime example of this.

Fans are attracted to solutions like the FastPass for a number of reasons. These are three ways sports organizations can better utilize RFID technology to better connect with their fan base.

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If a product is both easy to use and/or makes a formerly complicated process simple, people will be attracted to it. For teams that utilize the Connect&GO FastPass, fans simply book their season pass online and can either have it mailed to their home or pick it up at the stadium at their convenience.

No one wants to waste precious time waiting in line. Luckily, RFID technology can also make getting into and enjoying the stadium easier. With the FastPass for example, fans have access to fast lanes at the stadium entrances and concessions. Fans can also load their FastPass with money and use it to make quick and secure cashless payments for food, drinks and merchandise.


In addition to making the stadium experience more efficient, RFID technology also provides opportunities for teams to make their fans feel more like they are part of a community.

FastPass-holders, for example, receive a personalized welcome message at stadium entrances. These fans are also the first to be notified about team news and special engagements according to their indicated interests.

Speaking of indicated interests, food and beverage vendors at the stadium can make personalized recommendations to FastPass-holders based on their previous purchasing patterns.

Providing Fans With An Immersive Experience

By incentivizing fans to use an RFID solution like FastPass, teams are able to increase the number of people utilizing it, build affinity for the brand and allow fans to gain a sort of social capital.

Many teams allow fans who utilize FastPass to do more than just watch the game. In some cases, fans who scan in are eligible to participate in on-site activations and earn points with each interaction. FastPass also gives fans access to photo kiosks and roaming cameras (or sometimes, meet-and-greets with players) to take memorable photos they can then share on social media.

By reaching fans on a personal level and offering benefits that make their game day experience more seamless and enjoyable, teams demonstrate fan appreciation and leave a lasting impression that goes a long way towards boosting engagement. RFID technology is a flexible and comprehensive solution that can be used and enjoyed by all fans – young and old. Teams can develop an RFID fan program that works for their fan base and can even integrate the technology with existing fan apps to offer the best possible experience for their fans.

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