Game Changer MVP Brings Predictive Gaming Technology To NFL

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Predictive gaming and legalized gambling have made their way to the NFL. Game Changer MVP introduced a predictive gaming platform (PGP) to the NFL app at the beginning of the 2019 season and are continuing to see positive results. 

Aaron Cohn is the Executive Vice President of Sales & Service at Game Changer MVP. Cohn joined the company in early 2019 and after seeing the opportunities that sports gambling presented, began developing the idea and spearheaded the project.

“We talked a lot about the growth of sports gambling and where it’s going,” Cohn says of his conversations with Game Changer MVP’s leadership. “Over the last several months, our production and interactive guys have created this new predictive gaming platform. We had a similar product in the past, but this is a lot more robust.” 

Game Changer MVP’s PGP was first implemented by the NFL at the league’s Kickoff event in Chicago’s Grant Park on September 5th as part of the celebration for the league’s hundredth season. As fans watched the Packers and the Bears play each other on a large screen, the app provided predictive questions each quarter during the game as well as a few trivia questions that fans could answer for a chance to win prizes. 

As Cohn mentions, Game Changer MVP have created predictive games of this nature for clients like the San Antonio Rodeo, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Stampede, and Oklahoma City Thunder in the past. Those games were tied into sponsors who could issue digital coupons to those who won or simply played the game. 

This version of PGP also ties into sponsors/partners easily to provide maximum value to teams and leagues. The predictive game can be played through fan bucks/team currency or can be tied in with a casino partner, where applicable, allowing fans to wager real money. The game can also tie into third parties for real-time odds.

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“The way we’ve built it is it’s completely customizable,” Cohn says. “Teams or leagues can easily add their own questions. A lot of teams are going to have their own casino partners and then there are certain leagues that may mandate that the back end is operated through a league partner, whether it’s an MGM or a Caesars or someone like that. So it can plug in very easily to any of those as well.”

In addition to building on their own existing technology to create the PGP, Game Changer MVP also took inspiration from the NHL’s St. Louis Blues who incorporated similar technology on the way to their Stanley Cup Championship in 2019. 

“We saw what the St. Louis Blues had done during the playoff run through their app. They did a really good job. Ours was already under construction at that point. We’ve taken what we already had, looked at what the Blues were doing and we’ve really taken it to the next level in terms of just how we can customize it with the sorts of questions that can be asked and obviously how it can be tied into different partners, whether it’s a casino or just a regular sponsor for that matter in terms of the couponing mechanism that we have in the software.”

Most recently, the Los Angeles Rams have partnered with Game Changer MVP to create Rams Pick ‘Em: a game played through the app that allows fans to make real-time predictions about what will happen in the game as it unfolds for chances at prizes. Rams Pick’em is always free to play, and is open to all players 18 years and older, in the U.S. (except for RI, NY, and FL). Now with the season close to the halfway point, the team considers the game a resounding success so far.

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“We are thrilled to bring our fans closer to the action with an engaging second-screen experience,” said Los Angeles Rams VP of Media Marissa Daly in a press release. “We feel that our free-to-play predictions game will be a fun way for fans to compete against one another while watching their Rams compete on the field.”

Thanks to the early success of this product from Game Changer MVP, look for more predictive games of this nature to continue popping up in North American professional sports.

For more on how Game Changer MVP is leading the charge in high-quality in-stadium media, visit their website here. You can also schedule a demo by calling 1-800-464-9445.