INFLCR Highlights Sports’ Best Leaders With “I Want Your Job”

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Since the company’s inception, INFLCR and founder Jim Cavale have taken pride in helping a great number of athletes, teams, and leagues tell their stories through their software platform. Now, Cavale is taking it even further with his podcast titled “I Want Your Job”. 

Each episode features Cavale interviewing a different leader from the world of athletics with each guest coming from a different partner of INFLCR’s.

For Cavale, the impetus for the podcast came from a journalistic desire to further tell the stories of the partners he has come to know.

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“We are fortunate to be partnered with some of the biggest and most influential brands in college sports,” Cavale remarks. “Their athletic directors, coaches, and other staff members have stories that people want to hear. They want to learn how they got to where they are today. We get to create a roadmap through all these stories that many people who work in sports can listen to, be inspired by, and also have tangible takeaways they can apply to their own career.”

The first episode featured Atlantic Coast Conference’s Associate Commissioner for Digital Media, Eric SanInocencio. The latest episode released to date features Georgia Tech Football Coach Geoff Collins and Brand Manager Santino Stancato. The third episode will feature University of Alabama-Birmingham Football Coach Bill Clark, Associate Athletic Director Ted Feeley, and a short cameo from former NFL safety Roman Harper. Future episodes will feature Duke’s Dave Bradley and Nolan Smith, Auburn’s Allen Greene and Bryce Brown, Arkansas’ Eric Musselman and Taylor McGillis, The Players’ Tribune’s Rob Villanueva, Syracuse’s John Wildhack, and many others.

The first season of the show will consist of approximately 12 episodes with episodes released on a weekly basis. 

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According to Cavale, the long term goal for the show is to build up a subscriber base composed of college sports professionals of all ages and all professional levels. The show will give these subscribers access to some of the most successful leaders in college and pro sports and give them a window to how they got to where these leaders are. With this in mind, a concerted effort has been made to bring in guests from several different subsections of sports.

“I think it’s really important that the leadership in college and pro sports are featured, because a lot of people admire these folks but they don’t know how they got there,” Cavale says. “Every leader has a specific vertical that they came up through just like in corporate America. So finding these leaders that we all know now and understanding what vertical they came up through and how they got to the point they are today is, I think, very interesting for anyone that’s not working in that vertical today. It’s not just digital marketing, people came up through sales, finance, coaching, all these verticals. It’s important to show off these skill sets and the innovative minds of these leaders when it comes to this digital path that our company focuses on.” 

Listeners can look forward to new stories and new episodes every week as the show’s first season unfolds.

Check out the first episodes of “I Want Your Job” and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify