Houston Dynamo Partner With StellarAlgo To Gain Predictive Insights Into Fans

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For just over a year, the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer have been partnered with StellarAlgo in order to gain a more thorough understanding of their audience. The MLS club works with StellarAlgo’s customer data platform (CDP) to consolidate fan-specific data and gain predictive insights about their customers and their behaviors. This data, in turn, affects the team’s customer engagement strategy. 

“From the standpoint of engagement, it is incredibly important to understand your fan base in order to tailor your strategy to match their needs,” says Ian Fleming, Houston Dynamo Director of Strategy and Analytics. “It is understanding what fans want. It is knowing who to contact and when, as well as the journey and timing of the ticket sales cycle in order to better predict and plan internally for future engagement. It is creating a healthy dialogue with fans on a personal level to foster and grow relationships.”

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StellarAlgo helps the Dynamo to understand fan life cycles and venue demand, so the club can take a fan-centric approach to their sales efforts. Aligning their sales and marketing cadence with what fans want as opposed to what the team wants to sell. One specific example, is on the customer retention side where the Dynamo use the StellarAlgo CDP’s season-long automated retention scoring, which gives the team the ability to incorporate over 100 attributes directly in CRM. 

“StellarAlgo’s retention scoring has been very useful for us and has taken our ability to nurture and retain package members to new levels,” Fleming adds. “We are excited to build on this and begin relying on StellarAlgo’s predictive segmentation and propensity scoring for new sales as well.”

One of the most important factors in putting together an engagement strategy is collecting, analyzing, and then making sense of an organization’s vast amount of fan data – something StellarAlgo focuses on heavily to drive value. For teams like the Dynamo, having a partner that can distill down the most important data and predict fan behavior is incredibly important to making engagement strategies effective and successful. 

“There are often many confounding factors at play within that information,” Fleming states, “so it can be difficult to parse out and isolate the effect that anyone factor may have on a data set. If a team isn’t meticulous in its analysis, it can easily be led to false conclusions.”

All in all, the Dynamo team have been able to save more than $90,000 in manual segmentation and analysis thanks to StellarAlgo, adding powerful machine-learning capabilities to their analytics toolbox that otherwise wouldn’t have been available. The Dynamo have also improved their ability to identify at-risk package buyers throughout the season, which has helped allocate their existing resources more effectively in order to nurture those fence-sitters who might need some extra attention. The team anticipates a noticeable improvement in retention this season as a result of better understanding their fan base.

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In Fleming’s opinion, the easiest mistake to make with this type of data is not keeping a holistic view of what is done with it.

“Analytics, at its core, is a way to make informed decisions with data. If a team isn’t thinking about how it can optimize the processes and decision-making within every department of the organization, it isn’t putting itself in the best position possible to succeed,” he said.

For more information on how StellarAlgo provides actionable data insights for major league sports teams, visit stellaralgo.com/major-league.